Coffee Talk – The 9th Hour

Howdy! Thanks for taking the time to read all our posts. We love the coffee business and love the people involved even more. It has been so much fun to learn about the different passions people have for coffee. This week, we get to talk about one of THE COOLEST companies, 9th Hour Coffee. Trey Rummel, the owner of 9th Hour, has created a work space and opportunity for people who have struggled with addiction or have been incarcerated. His passion for people and coffee really show up in their roasts. We are currently serving their Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, a bright medium body, with nutty and tangerine notes, with a hint of chocolate and berry undertones, and a nice floral scent. To find out more, check out what our friend Kevin Chapa has to say about 9th Hour!

9th Hour Coffee


  • Who are you? Who are you with?

 Kevin Chapa, Head Coffee Roaster, 9th Hour Coffee Co. (Houston,Tx)

  • What is something special about your coffee company?
Something special about our company? I would say that 9th Hour Coffee provides work and mentorship for those who are coming out of incarceration or addiction and are earnestly trying to walk a different path.  
  • What is your favorite thing about coffee?
Favorite thing about coffee? HMMMM…I would have to say that there is just something so special about that delicious dark liquid that brings so many people together, and I can’t quite put my finger on it? But the camaraderie that exists and community amongst coffee lovers is truly a beautiful thing to behold and is my absolute favorite thing about coffee!
  • How did you get involved in the coffee business?
As aforementioned, 9th Hour exists to give men struggling with substance abuse or coming out of incarceration a second chance at life. Well, I’m one such man! Owner Trey Rummel gave me a job as his first apprentice roaster upon graduation of an in-patient drug rehabilitation program located on Houston’s East-End. Later that year he flew me up to Minneapolis to receive further knowledge on the art of the roast. I have been totally consumed with coffee roasting and coffee culture ever since! So I would have to give all the credit to him. He really is an incredible guy! I’m also happy to mention that I work closely with our new apprentice roaster Gary Alejandro and he will soon be our next head roaster! He’s a tremendous talent…
  • What is one thing you think we need to know?
In closing,…..A wise man of old once said the path of the righteous is like the light of dawn that shines brighter and brighter until noonday, or as the old English would call it, the 9th Hour. Today, Trey Rummel’s vision has provided a bright light and a second chance for a total of 5 men, and that number will continue to grow. Here at 9th Hour we are so passionate about about what we do! Our wish is that as you drink 9th Hour, you would taste the love and dedication that goes into each cup! Thank you so, so much! Roast on! – Chapa
Thanks & Gig ’em,
The Brew