Happy Birthday Boss Man!

It’s Boss Man’s birthday and we are so excited to celebrate him today! Matt Riedel is the numero uno guy around here and I think I speak for everyone when I say, he has influenced so many people here at The Brew with his kindness and joy.

Boss man, you are a boss like no other. We are so grateful for you heart to serve the people around us. You are constantly pushing us to pursue bigger dreams and leading by example. You have taught us so much more than “customer service,” you have taught us how to have fun in our work place, serve others with a cheerful heart, laugh more, and how to thrive in these awkward years between high school and “adulthood.” I, for one, have learned how to be a better leader and person in any situation, not just work. Thanks for all you do and believing in every single one of us.

Here is just a few things The Brew team would like to say to you on your special day! Happy birthday Boss Man!

“Matt, you are the best boss I’ve ever had!” – Kyle Hutchinson

“Matt is the best Easter Bunny I’ve seen.” – Noah Kornegay

“Happy birthday to the best okayest boss!” – Baylee Fisher

“Matt! Thanks for all your hard work and your commitment to making The Brew the best place to work!” – Noah Fry

“Matt, you rock! Thank you for pouring into each of us. Have a great day!” – Jessi Werner

“Happy birthday Matt! Best wishes, The Brew is nothing without you!” – Dom Campbell

“Matt, you always make work so enjoyable! I’m so glad that I get to serve The Brew team along side you. So thankful that I get to have such an awesome and positive boss! I hope you have the best birthday yet!” – AV Ashy

“Boss man, you’re a pretty amazing boss and I cannot express enough how grateful I am to have such a great boss like you. All the times you have helped me when I’ve had no idea how to function and work adult things, I’m always grateful for that! You rock!” – Paola Chavez