#BrewCrew – Boss Man

Hello! My name is Matt Riedel. I am originally from Mesquite, Texas, graduated from Sam Houston State University, and moved to College Station in 2010. I’m Da Boss here at The Brew, and I also oversee kid’s ministry at Connecting Point Church. I have a the greatest wife in the world and two wonderful girls who are so adorable they’ll make your heart melt. They are 5 and 2 and are typically the loud ones who run through randomly.

I have a passion for building tables and other things out of wood. I don’t quite know how to explain it, but it’s a really cool feeling when you see the idea in your head come into actual shape. I’ve been lucky enough to build and help build a couple of the tables, stands, and bars at The Brew.

BREW TALK: My favorite drink at The Brew changes. My go-to is a Toasted Marshmallow Cappuccino, but lately it’s been the Undertow with half and half. I love to learn to make new drinks and I am always tinkering with how to make the process more efficient and better tasting.