#BrewCrew – Abreezy

Hello everyone! My name is Abrie De La Garza (Soon to be Champion) and I am the assistant manager at everyone’s favorite coffee shop, The Brew. I was born and raised in the tiny town of Cotulla, TX. I graduated from Texas A&M University (Whoop) with a degree in Environmental Geosciences. I love all things nature and science. So if you ever want to nerd out, I’m your girl.

Fun facts: I have an album out on Spotify (shameless plug) called Tradewinds by Story House. I’ve done research on Bryde’s whales in the Galápagos Islands. I cheered in the New Year’s parade in London in 2012. I once played a game of tag with Lisa Gungor. I’ve broken 4 fingers on my right hand (all at different times). And finally, when I was younger, I had an imaginary pet rat named Fernito. I was devastated because we moved to Texas from California and I left him in California. Never to see him again.



BREW TALK: I’ve been a barista for three years now, so my “favorite” drink changes constantly. If you’re looking for something cold, try a cookie butter macchiato with cold brew instead of espresso. Tastes like magic. But since it’s winter and it’s SO “cold” in Texas, try a Mexican mocha. It always takes me back to Christmas time with my grandma’s hot chocolate. Except this one’s for big kids and helps you stay awake! 😉