Special featured drinks

  • Secret Handshake
    An Iced white mocha made with Ghirardelli White Chocolate, caramel & vanilla. If asked for the “password” in store, simply smile then knock on the counter twice. Be prepared to enjoy our most popular iced mocha!
  • I trust ya!
    Hot or cold | semi sweet or all the way | let our baristas have a go at making your day!
  • We have way more to offer!
    Only the basics are listed, we may know how to make your favorite drink, even if it isn’t listed.

    We love learning about new drinks as well, so share the coffee knowledge!

Cold Coffee

  • Iced Chai Latte
    No powder or pump here. We brew our Organic Chai fresh, add cinnamon, honey and just a hint of vanilla. Finish with milk.
  • Iced Latte (any flavor)
    Espresso, Milk, Ice. That’s a latte. You can add a flavor and dress it up.
  • Iced Drip Coffee
    Try one of our Iced brews from independence Coffee CO.
  • Wedding Cake
    White Mocha and Amaretto. A match made for those special days.
  • Secret Handshake
    The Brew’s most popular drink!!!

Hot Coffee

  • Brewed Coffee
    Independence Coffee CO. We have different roasts every week.
  • Americano
    It’s simple: Hot Water+Espresso=Americano
  • Latte
    Steamed milk and Espresso. Traditional and delicious. Add a flavor to dress it up.
  • Caramel Machiato
    A latte style macchiato. Caramel and espresso with just the right amount of foam and milk.
  • Mocha
    White or Dark. It’s creamy hot chocolate with and espresso kicker.
  • Pour Over
    Any of our flavors from Independence Coffee Co.
  • Cappuccino
    1 part Espresso, 1 part Steamed Milk, 1 Part Foam. For those who want an intense milk mustache.
  • Chai Latte
    No pump or powder here. We brew Organic Chai fresh, add cinnamon, honey, and just a hint of vanilla, and finish with steamed milk.
  • Hot Chocolate
    Simple yet tasty. We steam the milk to bring a creamy texture along with a chocolate taste. Topped with our handmade whip cream.

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We here at The Brew love coffee and people. Our chief hope is to be a great friend to our community by providing a safe space that is friendly, and upbeat… Oh yeah and great coffee! Stop by to see us soon, we look forward to earning your business!

A place to laugh, a place to drink coffee

We offer a great selection of Hot, Iced, and Frappe Coffee and Non Coffee options. Be sure to check out our menu below or ask one of our Baristas for a suggestion on your next visit!